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ZE-2: Zairs - 12x12x7’11" full plait stockwhip

Auction will be rescheduled

ZE-2 12x12x8' full plait stockwhip

ZE-2: Zairs - 12x12x8’ full plait stockwhip

ZE-2: Zairs - 12x12x8’ full plait stockwhip

ZE-2: Zairs - 12x12x8’ full plait stockwhip

MidWestWhips is extremely proud to have been chosen to catalog, document, and broker the sale of one of the largest historic surviving collections of whips to survive for the past 60 years.

* Origin - G. & J. Zair Ltd. (Zair's)
* Handle Length - 19 inches
* Thong Length - 7 feet 11 inches
* Fall Length - 28 inches
* Popper Length - 13 inches
* Overall Length - 12 feet 11 inches
* Handle Strand Count - 12 plait
* Thong Strand Count - 12 plait

Special Notes:
* Damage - Discoloration on thong, Electrical tape covering the bottom of the handle, tarnished metal ferrule.  Fall hitch can be easily repaired if desired.

If you have any questions about any of the items or would like to make an offer/bid, please send an email to CooleyCollection@midwestwhips.com with the item number number of the item you are inquiring about in the subject line.
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