The Performance Hybrid

The original “Performance Hybrid” was designed in the MidWestWhips workshop, and now we're happy to be offering them again. The PH Whip is a versatile and affordable whip for performers and beginners alike. It combines the aspects of several classic whips (the longer flexible handle of a Stockwhip, with a bullwhip transition, a cow whip attachment and twisted fall) with the less expensive cost and lower maintenence of paracord.

Each Performance Hybrid has a 12 plait thong with a braided length of five feet attached to a 16 plait handle with a comfortable 8 seam herringbone grip, and capped with a traditional turks head knot. The style is perfect for entry level cracking, targeting, or two handed routines. The Paracord is durable, and offers bold color options perfect for stage work.

The modern MidWestWhip PH Whip comes with a separate fall hitch for easier fall replacement and repairs. It is a very easy to crack whip, and will last for years with the proper care.

As a re-introductory special:

The first 10 are available for $130 including shipping within the US, after that the price will be $150 for the next 10, and then they will be set at regular price. Get them at this price while they last!

Performance Hybrid 5ft - 12x16 Plait

The 5ft PH whip is the perfect size for the beginning whipcracker, and professional whip performer alike. It is perfect for targeting, general cracking, and all the way up to two handed fast multiple cracking routines. Check out Adam “Crack” Winrich showing what you can do with a pair of our PH whips HERE

5ft Black Performance Hybrid


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Single tones are available (two tones and multiple tones coming soon) in a variety of colors. For now the solid black will have the shortest shipping time, but any of the colors shown below can be made with extra time for us to receive the nylon from our supplier taken into consideration. Email the color you'd like to from the list below, and once your order is placed we'll inform you when your whip is complete and shipped out from the workshop. As more colors become in stock, we'll update the page for future orders.