Paul M. Nolan

Paul Nolan has been a professional whip maker for more than two decades and is a multi-award winning whip handler.

His whips are used by professional whip performers, stage shows, and in film. His acclaim attracted the attention of Discovery's How It's Made series in 2011 which chronicled his whip making process.

Since starting MidWestWhips, Paul has made thousands of custom whips influenced by whip makers of the past and pop culture. Paul has trained actors and stuntmen for stage and film productions and lead hundreds of one on one classes.

He continues to provide the highest quality custom whips available for enthusiasts, performers, and professional hollywood productions. His portfolio is available here.

Fidel Porthau

Having apprenticed under Paul for 5 years and having made hundreds of whips, Fidel Porthau is no newcomer.

He comes to MidWestWhips with a lot of experience.

"Whip making is a fascinating craft, there isn't anything like it. Every time you start braiding, 1000 things need to go right. No matter how many whips you've made, it presents a real challenge every time."

He is dedicated to making consistent, quality whips for daily use in paracord. He aims to provide economical whips for newcomers in classic styles, as well as provide a bit of color to the whip world. You've seen his work already in pictures and videos published by MidWestWhips and some of his products. We're happy to have him now as a full-time member of the team.