Custom Signature Whips

All custom order requests and price inquiries should be sent to and you’ll recieve a reply within 48 hours.

Paul Nolan has two decades of custom whip making experience. His hand made designs have received worldwide acclaim, and have lead to his whips being featured in stage productions, television, and major motion pictures. Paul’s experience is built on thousands of whips made to precise specifications, and is currently available to take custom orders.

Each whip is made with grade 1 kangaroo leather, hand crafted from hide to finished functional work of art. At times working with strands cut as precisely as 1mm wide, and as high as 48 plait count. A signature Paul Nolan whip takes every aspect into consideration, allowing for specific design patterns, lettering, and custom colors. You can also include initials in the turk’s-head knot (a customization unique to Paul Nolan).

As soon as you send your custom whip specifications, Paul will look them over and email you back as soon as possible with any questions, concerns, an estimated completion date, and a price quote. The fastest way to get a custom whip in your hands is to send an email with the whip you have in mind today.

Custom Whips