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MidWestWhips is now in...
That's right, MidWestWhips has moved less Mid and even more West! 

Feel free to check out the list of films and productions we have been involved with here:

Film Work

Welcome: Videos
                                                          Making VideoWe have posted a couple new videos on our MidWestWhips "The Whip Blog" showing how you can make your own poppers / crackers or make your own leather falls using your own materials or our fall leather sheets and 100% bonded nylon thread available on the Whip Accessories page.

The bulk of the auction of E.H. Cooley's historic collection of whips is now finished, but there are still a few whips available.  Please email if interested.  Whips included are from the shops of Cecil Henderson, Zairs, Austral Enterprises/David Morgan, and more.  Click here for photos and details of the whips from E.H. Cooley's historic collection.

Introducing the Little Snapper...

The Little
Mini whips that ACTUALLY CRACK!
Made of 1st grade Kangaroo hide, and easily carried in a pocket or worn as a hatband, bracelet, or necklace, or used for decoration.

Check out actor Donald Faison cracking his new Little Snapper on the CBS Radford Studio Lot, and also Todd Rex having some fun with his Little Snapper Whip:

Donald Faison:

Todd Rex: https://youtu.be/HHPisGGQR5U

Click here to check out our brand new blog/photo gallery where over the next several weeks we will be adding photos of the whips and other projects we have been working on more recently.  Be sure to bookmark our photo blog, because we will be updating it all the time as we make new whips, attend whip events, etc.

Old Photo Gallery
Click here to view our old photo gallery with whips we made before 2008.

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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