The Paracord SingleTail

Nylon Whip in black

The Paracord Single Tail is another design that originated in the MidWestWhips workshop and is making it's return. A paracord Snignal Whip has the smooth taper of a Signal Whip with the easy to change popper of a Snake whip. This 4 foot long 16 plait whip also has the wide variety of colors in paracord, with a similar rollout to kangaroo whips due to it's weighted interior. The Snignal is a perfect size for pocket storage on the go. Great for practice when you need it, or for carrying a whip that's not as burdonsom as a full size Bull Whip.

The Nylon SingleTail - 4ft - 16 Plait

Paracord whip available for sale

The most versatile whip available for indoor and close quarters use. This nylon whip is 16 plait and 4ft long (from tip to tip). Nylon whips are also great because they come in a greater variety of colors than roo leather. Easy to crack, durability that will last, and designed in the MidWestWhips workshop.

Single Color Paracord SingleTail
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Two Tone Paracord SingleTail
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Nylon Single Tail whips come in a variety of colors. Email the color(s) you would like to or include them in the paypal checkout comment section from the list below, and once your order is placed we'll inform you when your whip is complete and shipped out from the workshop.