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The Cooley Collection

Open bidding period of May 30th, through June 13th, 2010 for:

H-10: Cecil Henderson - 16 plait bull neck stockwhip with Zairs handle
Suggested Starting Price - $800

UK-4: Crop - 32 plait Stockwhip Handle Crop
Suggested Starting Price - $45

M-3: Made in Mexico - 2 tone 4 plait 9ft 10inch Bullwhip
Suggested Starting Price - $10

The Edward H. Cooley Collection

MidWestWhips is extremely proud to have been chosen to catalog, document, and broker the sale of one of the largest documented collections of (Cecil Henderson) whips to survive the past 60 years.  Since the late 1980's it was commonly thought that the collection was lost when the late Edward H. Cooley had passed away, as it was said that his children did not understand or share in their father's interest in whips and whipcracking.  Many assumed that his whip collection was either thrown out or sold off in an estate sale to people who had no idea of the importance that the whips held.  Thankfully, shortly before Cooley's death, he gave his whip collection to a close family friend for safe keeping who held onto this incredible collection for the past 20-30 years.

The History Behind the Collection

Edward H. Cooley, known as "Bud" to friends, was a philanthropist in the world of whips long before the dawn of the internet.  The height of his interest in whips was
prior to the resurgance of general interest in whips and the increase in popularity of whipcracking due to the sucess and popularity of the film "Raiders of the Lost Ark".  This was during the time period where whips were less common and availability suffered greatly due to the steady decline of demand as an agricultural tool.  And while there were still a few stunt men and performers using whips, the only source inside the U.S. for higher quality whips were those being imported from Australia by Austral Enterprises.  It is incredible in this day of easy accessability through the internet to imagine how Cooley was able to find and purchase whips in the 1950's from one of the most incredible whipmakers of that century, while at the same time the art of whipmaking and the old timer whipmaking greats were rapidly dying off.

Cooley's interest in whips led him to collect a variety of whips constructed in both the simple and the highly complex methods ranging from basic 4 plait whips made in Mexico, whips from England, Pakistan, the U.S., and all the way up to some of the highest quality Australian work available in 36 plait two tone Kangaroo hide, with Cooley's name, initials, and date plaited into the whip along with fancy patterns.

After building a relationship through hand written correspondence over a period of 10 years, parts of Edward H. Cooley's collection were loaned to renowned whipmaker David Morgan back when David's company was called Austral Enterprises.  Mr. Morgan had photos taken of some of the whips and published them in his now iconic book "Whips and Whipmaking" (originally published in the early 1970's).  The whips pictured in Morgan's book (mainly the intricate high plait Cecil Henderson whips) were integral sources of inspiration to much of today's whipmaking generation who's work is now highly sought after, and the whips in those photos continue to inspire the up and coming generation of whipmakers.

The Sale - Auction

The bidding schedule:

- Bidding for H-2, AE-2, ZE-4 begins March 1st, through March 15th, 2010
- Bidding for H-3, AE-3, ZE-1, UK-3 begins March 16th, through March 30th, 2010
- Bidding for H-4, AE-1, AE-4, UK-2 begins March 31st, through April 14th, 2010
- Bidding for H-5, UK-1, SH-1 begins April 15th, through April 29th, 2010
- Bidding for H-6, ZE-3, P-1, M-1 begins April 30th, through May 14th, 2010
- Bidding for H-8, ZE-2, M-2 begins May 15th, through May 29th, 2010
- Bidding for H-10, UK-4, M-3 begins May 30th, through June 13th, 2010

To bid or make an offer on any of the items in the collection have a look at the Bidding/Purchase Information page, and send an email with your offer (s) to CooleyCollection@midwestwhips.com with the item number (s), for example: H-7, AE-3, etc..., of the item(s) you are bidding on in the subject line.  You will receive a response email as soon as possible informing you of your offer/bid status, and if your offer has been accepted, rejected, or outbid.  To make offers on multiple items, please send a seperate email for each individual item. 

If you have any questions about any of the items prior to making an offer/bid, please send an email to
CooleyCollection@midwestwhips.com with the item number number of the item you are inquiring about in the subject line.

The entire Edward H. Cooley Collection
The complete Edward H. Cooley Collection as of January 2009.  To browse photos check out the
Cooley Collection Photo Gallery

For any questions please call us at (US) 314-484-0462 or email CooleyCollection@midwestwhips.com
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