Paul Nolan
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For more great In Stock deals, check out our Whip Accessories (including, poppers, popper thread, falls, and blunt fids/awls).  Remember, if you are ordering multiple items, please email us because we do combine shipping.

Page Last Updated 2/6/16

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In Stock
Little Snapper
Made by Paul Nolan

Mini whips that
Made of 1st grade Kangaroo hide, and easily carried in a pocket or worn as a hatband, bracelet, or necklace.  Also, can be used as decoration.

Click the links below to see actor Donald Faison cracking his new Little Snapper at the CBS Radford Studio Lot, and also Todd Rex having some fun with his Little Snapper Whip:



In Stock colors are:
Natural Tan
Saddle Tan

Was $75

Now - $65
+ Free US Shipping

Casey Nat
                                                          Tan Whip
6ft 12 plait Two-Tone Kangaroo Target Bullwhip
Made by Casey Tyler

This brand new 6 foot 12 plait kangaroo bullwhip, handcrafted by Casey Tyler, features a Natural Tan and Brandy 2-Tone overlay.

The whip has a double plaited belly, all built on a 10 inch handle foundation.


                                                          Harley Quinn
The Harley Quinn
6ft 12 plait Two-Tone Kangaroo Target Bullwhip

Made by Casey Tyler

This brand new 6 foot 12 plait kangaroo bullwhip, handcrafted by Casey Tyler, features a Red and Black-2 Tone overlay.

The whip has a double plaited belly, all built on a 10 inch handle foundation.

Was - $558

Now - $515
+ Free USA Shipping

                                                          Strain Casey
                                                          Tyler Rebuild
8ft  16 plait
KOTCS Bullwhip

Made by Joe Strain & Casey Tyler

This 8  foot 16 plait bullwhip in the style of  "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull" was originally handcrafted by Joe Strain, and was rebraided by Casey Tyler.

Made from Whiskey Kangaroo with Fancier Brandy 9 part 8 bight turks head knots, and a slender wrist loop.

                                                          Tyler Drover
7ft 12 plait
Drover Prototype

Made by Casey Tyler

This gently used 7 foot 12 plait Kangaroo bullwhip was handcrafted by Casey Tyler, and was one of the original prototypes for the Drover model.

Made from Saddle Tan Kangaroo and features a heavier thong with a shorter 6 inch handle. 

W̶a̶s̶ ̶$̶4̶9̶9̶

Now - $415
+ Free USA Shipping

Collector's Piece!
Original Cecil Henderson Stockwhip Thong w/ 24 plait 2 tone Henderson style handle made by Paul Nolan

This stockwhip thong is an original Cecil Henderson made in the 1950s for E.H. Cooley.

Cooley purchased this thong by itself and attached it to an extra handle he had.  A few years ago Paul made a 24 plait 2 tone handle for this thong that is an homage to another Henderson stockwhip handle that currently rests at a western herritage museum in Oklahoma City.

This whip is a one of a kind, and there are very few Cecil Henderson whips left in the world, and very rarely are they in as good of condition as this one.

SALE 25% off
Was - $̶1̶,̶3̶4̶5̶

NOW $1,010
+ Free USA Shipping and insurance
How It's
                                                          Made Whip
6ft 12 plait
"How It's Made"
Target BullWhip

This 6ft 12 plait target bullwhip is one of two identical whips that were filmed being made and featured on a segment that we did on the Science Channel Show "How It's Made" Episode 9 Season 10

Click HERE to see the whip being made in the episode with our segment.

The whip still has the original fall and popper, and has been cracked by
many noted whipcrackers including: Chris Camp, Adam Winrich, Dan "Bullwhip" Borton, Todd Rex, etc...

                                                          to enlarge the
                                                          Wickline, Paul
                                                          Nolan, and
                                                          DeLongis with
                                                          PrototypesClick to
                                                          enlarge the
Traditional Australian Prototype

This is an 8 foot 12 plait Brandy Kangaroo Hide bullwhip with a 12 inch handle that is the 3rd prototype for a new line of Traditional Australian Bullwhips
(Coming Soon!)

It was made the first week of November before an event where it was cracked by not only us but also Anthony DeLongis, Dan "Bullwhip" Borton, Todd Rex, and many other notable whipcrackers at the Queen Mary Indygear Summit and Rancho Indalo

                                                          48x24 fullHenderson
                                                          copy 48x24
48 x 24 plait 6 foot Black kangaoro hide Henderson Signature Series stockwhip.  A modern faithful reproduction of an actual Henderson whip made in the 1940's.
Made by Paul Nolan


We currently have a wait list, and haven't been able to make anything recently for stock.  Despite this wait list though, we will try to occasionally squeeze in a side project to post up here for sale.  We also may occasionally have cancelled orders that will create a stock item for sale on this page.  Also, gently used whips from other whipmakers that have been traded in to us may also be posted on here for discounted prices, perfect for beginners or whipcrackers on a budget.  So check back often, and remember to click "refresh" on your browser - you never know what you may find on this page...
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