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Indiana Jones

Look no further than MidWestWhips for some of the most screen accurate Indiana Jones style whips on the market.  David Morgan, one of the oldest and most respected names in American whipmaking,  was the original whipmaker for all of the whips in the first three Indiana Jones movies.  Morgan no longer makes his whips with the same dimensions as he did in the early and mid eighties (when the whips for the films were purchased), but we have spoken at length with David Morgan about his Indy whips, studied and documented the Indy whips' on-screen moments,  closely examined numerous Morgan whips bought around the same time period, and have even had the unique opportunity to study screen-used whips in person.   As fellow fans of the Indiana Jones trilogy, you can trust MidWestWhips whipmakers to make you the ultimate Indy bullwhip.

An Indiana Jones style whip from MidWestWhips combines the remarkably screen accurate external aesthetics of the early eighties Morgan whips with a more modern and structurally sound internal construction. 

                                                        Indiana Jones
                                                        BullwhipThe 10ft Traditional Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip
Most often when we see the whip hanging from Indiana Jones' belt, it is an 8" handle 10ft bullwhip (measured from the handle knot to the end of the braided thong, not including the fall and popper).  The 10ft Indy will look just like it does in the movies hanging from your belt.  This length is not often recommended for beginner whipcrackers interested in learning multiple cracks, but when used by a more experienced whip handler the slow and powerful flowing look of a long whip looks absolutely amazing.


8ft Indiana
                                                      Jones BullwhipThe 8ft Traditional Indiana Jones Style Bullwhip
In most scenes where we actually see Harrison Ford using his whip, he is cracking an 8" handle 8ft Indy whip (measured from the handle knot to the end of the braided thong, not including the fall and popper).  We highly recommend this length for the Indy fan who intends to have a lot of fun cracking his new whip.  As you can see in the picture, this whip only has one less coil than the 10ft when coiled up, so it will still look very "Indy" hanging on your belt.


Click here for more examples of Indiana Jones Style Bullwhips in our Photo Gallery.

Special note on color: For the first three classic Indiana Jones moves, all whips used were handcrafted with Natural Tan colored leather.  Many of the whips seen on screen look much darker than Natural Tan, however, because many of those whips were old Morgan whips that the stuntmen had owned for years.  With sunshine, age, and use, a natural tan whip will gradually turn from the color it you see in the scene in Raiders where Indy says "Stop!  Stay out of the light!," to the dark dark brown you see in almost every whip scene in The Last Crusade.  All of our Traditional Indiana Jones Style Bullwhips are made standard with natural tan leather so that you can experience the aging of your whip just like Indy did.  However, upon special request, we can make your whip from a darker hide (saddle tan, whiskey, or brandy) at no additional cost. 

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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