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Signal Whip
Pictured above: 24 plait 4ft Custom Color Signal Whip

The MidWestWhip standard single color signal whip is a highly refined whip, tested and retested through dozens of different signal whipmaking techniques.  Over many years of trial and error, we have perfected how to craft the ultimate blend of the modern ultra-fine target whip and the traditional hard-working sled dog whip, which results in what we believe to be the most useful, unique, beautiful and durable signal whip of its time.  Please note that our signal whips are handcrafted out of vegetable tanned kangaroo hide, the most resilient and durable tannage of 'roo available, a materal choice that has been passed down through generations of fine whipmakers beginning with the Australian tradition.  Our whips feature 100% leather cores with fine #12 lead shot loading.  Whether you are searching for a signal whip that will remain useful across the coming decades, or you are trying to find a whipmaker who can create the finest and most uniquely beautiful plaiting for your signal whip, you have come to the right place.  Our signal whips stand out in every crowd, in the US and overseas. 

Unline snake or bullwhips, signal whip length is measured from the butt of the handle knot to the tip of the popper.  A signal whip is different from a snake whip because the popper is gradually braided into the tip of the whip.  Popper relpacements on a standard signal whip should be sent back to be repaired by a professional whipmaker.  Some customers have requested a nylon loop braided into the tip of the whip instead of the popper, so that they can add their own replaceable standard poppers.  If you would like this option for your signal whip, please email us for your custom order.

Please choose from our standard colors: natural tan, saddle tan, whiskey, brandy, or black.  If you are looking for a unique color or a two-tone whip, please email us for availability and a price quote.  For custom color requests, we try to keep a wide variety of tannery-dyed vegetable tanned kangaroo hides in stock including (but not limited to!) lemon yellow, forest green, deep blue, vibrant blue, purple, bright red, whiskey red, white, etc. 

Click here for more examples of standard color and unique color signal whips  in our Photo Gallery.
Also view MidWestWhips custom and high-plait signal whips here in the Custom Designs section of our Photo Gallery.

2ft Signal - This is the most portable precision target whip we sell, most useful for those who will be using whips in tightly confined indoor areas.  Highly functional, and perfectly compact for purses, pockets, or even hanging (uncoiled if you'd like) from your belt.  Please email us for pricing and availability of the 2ft signal.

  8 Plait - $198
12 Plait - $230

8 Plait - Color
12 Plait - Color

3ft Signal - One of our most popular signal whip lengths, this whip is short enough for tight indoor spaces and great targeting (even for the beginner!), but also long enough for some really nice "POP"s with flicks.

  8 Plait - $220
 12 Plait - $262

16 Plait - $299

8 Plait - Color
12 Plait - Color
16 Plait - Color

4ft Signal - This signal provides a little more reach for body wraps, but also requires a little more space to work with safely.  This length also starts to make cattleman's cracks a bit easier than they are with the shorter signals.  Like all signals, this one is great for precision targeting as well.

  8 Plait - $240
12 Plait - $281
16 Plait - $331
8 Plait - Color
12 Plait - Color
16 Plait - Color

5ft Signal - Requires some extra space to work in if you are indoors, but it's worth it for the beautiful fluidity of a longer whip.  This length also makes for a showy piece to wear on your belt, and is still a superb targeting whip.
Please Email Us for pricing and availability of the 5ft Signal.

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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