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Pictured above: 16 plait Whiskey 4ft pocket snake whip.

MidWestWhips' standard single color snake whips make a smart and useful addition to anyone's whip collection.  The main draw of the snake whip is that the full braided length of the thong is flexible - there is no stiff handle section like on a bullwhip.  After some gentle use, the shorter snake whip will begin to naturally break in and easily coil tighter to fit compactly in a cargo or coat pocket.  For this reason, the shorter snake whips are often called "Pocket Snakes" and will become the most easily portable whip of all your collection.  Whether you prefer these small whips for self-defense or just for fun, MidWestWhips snake whips are made from the highest quality vegetable tanned kangaroo hide, are loaded with fine #12 lead shot, and feature an all-leather core.  Standard, pocket and full-size snakes are available in 8, 12 and 16 plait and feature a sturdy 6x7 turkshead butt knot.  Other knots and plait counts available upon special request (see our Custom Designs page - we do unique knots for these beautiful whips often).  Length is measured from the butt of the handle knot to the end of the braided thong (length does not include fall or popper).

(MidWestWhips made ten 8ft snakes & six 6ft snakes for the production for Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time)
Please choose from our standard colors: natural tan, saddle tan, whiskey, brandy, or black.  If you are looking for a unique color or a two-tone whip, please email us for availability and a price quote.  For custom color requests, we try to keep a wide variety of tannery-dyed vegetable tanned kangaroo hides in stock including (but not limited to!) lemon yellow, forest green, deep blue, vibrant blue, purple, bright red, whiskey red, white, etc.   Please view our custom designs page for more information on unique colors, unuque knots, etc.

Click here for more examples of standard color and unique custom color snake whips  in our Photo Gallery.
Also view MidWestWhips custom high-plait snake whips here in the Custom Designs section of our Photo Gallery.

3ft Pocket Snake - A favorite for any whipcracker who will be working in a confined space, indoors, or with precision target work.  We know many people who carry one of these in their pocket daily, just so they can always have a whip handy, whether they are out in the woods or sitting in their cubicle at work goofing off.

  8 Plait - $220
12 Plait - $260

16 Plait - $299

8 Plait - Color
12 Plait - Color
16 Plait - Color

4ft Pocket Snake - Another great size for indoor whipcracking and precision target work.  Compared to the 3ft pocket snake, this length increases the whip's reach and may help the beginner obtain a louder "crack," but it starts to become a little more difficult to use in a tightly confined indoor area.  Most indoor spaces are still manageable though, and the 4ft is still a great size to fit into your pocket and take with you anywhere once it has been gently broken in through use.

  8 Plait - $240
12 Plait - $281

16 Plait - $331

8 Plait - Color
12 Plait - Color
16 Plait - Color

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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