Paul Nolan

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"Any whipcrackers dream whip is one that makes their abilities BETTER..... this is THAT whip for me. I tend to use this whip for trying out new combinations because if I falter in technique, the “crackability” of the whip makes up for it."

-David S. (GA)

"I just wanted to tell that I received the whip today and it's amazing!! Your work is incredible and I have to say that out of the several whips I've owned, including David Morgan, yours is by far the best hands down!! I am extremely satisfied and will recommend you to others. Thanks again for having me experience this wonderful work of art."

-John S.

"I recieved the 10 foot Australian bullwhip today, and it is exactly how I had wanted it!  The plaiting is smooth & even, the handle patterns are nice, and the thong is slim & light just as specified.  Overall, I am pleased with every aspect of this whip, thanks for the hard work and attention to all the little details.  And thanks for putting the larger turkshead on the Indy whip as well!"

- Jace, (NJ)

The craftsmanship and specs are bar none. I like it better than my David Morgan. The Morgan, while a good whip, I have issues with the “handle” length and the turks knot is a bit on the large side (personal preference) - - they offered no viable solution. That was not a pleasant experience. I also have an 8ft and a 10ft Joe Strain and again, while those are good solid whips, you have surpassed them in quality. In my opinion, your craft and customer service have definitely separated you from your competitors. Not to mention the “extras” you sent. The mini whip and mini pecards are a riot and now reside with me at work."

-Dave M. (IL)

You are a master craftsman ! The 10' Roo you crafted for me is a work of art ! The plaiting is tight and smooth. The balance and weight is perfect and it cracks like a cannon ! I am just a novice when it comes to cracking, I know a few basic cracks but with the masterpiece you sent me it has made me want to be better at it. I practice whenever I can and it has broken in nicely. With the great customer service, prompt responses and a truly great product  you provide, I am a life long customer !

-Patrick D. (CO)

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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