Paul Nolan
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The Australian Plaiters' & Whipmakers' Association - Membership is required, but absolutely worth it.  Several of the world's finest whipmakers share their experience and knowledge on this internet forum, and a paid membership also comes with a subscription to the quarterly newsletter filled with articles from today's pros and the opportunity to purchase the newsletters from years past which are filled with articles to yesterday's whipmaking and braiding heroes.

Indygear Club Obi Wan, the Bullwhip Subforum - A free forum with where fans of Indiana Jones and several Indy whipmakers go to discuss mainly the Indy style bullwhips, but also sometimes other styles of whips and  whipmaking techniques. 

The Whip Blog -
We have been slowly writing, recording, and otherwise amassing a collection of articles and media for whip users and whipmakers of all skill levels.  Please stop by, look around, and feel free to leave a comment, opinion, or a suggestion about any other material you'd like to see discussed.  We aren't always able to update it as often as we would like to, but we are always looking for input from the whip community for future posts.

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