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www.indygear.com/cowIndygear Club Obi Wan - If you're a fan of the Indiana Jones bullwhip, this is the place to be.  We have yet to find another place online to get more information on the Indy Bullwhips than here in the Bullwhips subforum.  But even if Indy whips aren't your primary interest in the whip world, Club Obi Wan also welcomes family-friendly discussion of all types of whips, whipcracking, and even some whipmaking which has drawn dozens of the most well-known whipmakers and whipcrackers from all over the world to become members of the Bullwhip section of Club Obi Wan.  Registration is required, but completely free, and most definitely worth it in our opinion.

The Whip
                                                        BlogThe Whip Blog - We have been slowly writing, recording, and otherwise amassing a collection of articles and media for whip users and whipmakers of all skill levels.  Please stop by, look around, and feel free to leave a comment, opinion, or a suggestion about any other material you'd like to see discussed.  We aren't always able to update it as often as we would like to, but we are always looking for input from the whip community for future posts.

                                                          Edge Forum
                                                          BannerCutting Edge Forum -
This forum is an open forum with discussions from fans of the featured subjects and several craftspeople from various backgrounds.  This forum is broken down into four main topics: Whips, Swords, Knives & Guns.  Once you register (it's free), there are a few more interesting topic sections that become visible.  This forum has some adult content such as talk about weapons and some adult language, so please only register if you are comfortable with that and over the age of 18.

                                                          HomepageWhip-Basics Home - This website by the creator of the Whip-Basics Beginners' DVD tutorial series features video clips from the series, how-it-was-made pictures of whips used in the series, some whipmaker bios, a young registration-required forum and much more.  Please be aware that the W-B forum has some adult content and language, as well as some recently imposed mandatory posting rules.

The Whip Guy - Both a good friend and a good customer of ours is Chris Camp, The Whip Guy.  If you ever get the opportunity to check out one of his shows, don't pass it up.  He's very skilled with his whips, and even better with his audience.  Check out his page for some video clips from his shows.

GLD Enterprises - Gery Deer is a whip performer and instructor located in Ohio.  If you live nearby, he has an indoor whipcracking studio space for climate controlled practice during the cold winter months. 

World Wide Whips - One of the largest online collections of whips we've seen from all over the world.   Really an amazing collection, with tons of great photos.

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