Paul Nolan
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Indy Whip
                                                  Construction Labeled

This specific example and diagram details the construction methods we employ for our Classic American Bullwhips, but all of our whips are made with very similar techniques - just ask us if you have any specific questions about how your whip will be made.  We start with a solid leather tapered core covering the steel handle spike and extending down into the thong of the whip.  The first and second braided bellies, separated by the first bolster, also cover the handle spike and extend well into the thong, which helps to strengthen the transition from handle to thong (the place where some older or not so sturdily made whips have a tendency to break down).  Also to reinforce the transition area, we tightly wrap the second bolster above and below the transition zone with artifical sinew.   The final layer of braiding is the overlay, braided tightly around all the layers of the core including the second bolster.  Each step is expertly cut by hand, beveled by hand, greased with our special braiding soap, painstakingly braided with the utmost attention to detail, and then rolled to better smooth, compact, and round each layer.  If needed, we add just the right amount of lead to the butt of the whip to balance the thong, then tie the decorative turkshead knot over that knot foundation.  Finally, the finished whip receives a coat of natural shellac and a few test cracks to assure that it performs up to the highest standards of MidWestWhips products.

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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