Paul Nolan
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(Pictured above: 8ft 12 plait Traditional Australian Bullwhip with a custom 13 inch handle)

These beautiful and highly functional whips were designed with the serious whipcracker in mind.  The longer handle provides extra leverage for learning and executing everything from the simplest cracks to fancy advanced bullwhip routines.  This style of bullwhip is very popular in Australia (hence its name) where stockmen and sport whip crackers have been practicing and perfecting the art of whipcracking for centuries.  Lightly weighted and perfectly balanced so you can crack all day long without tiring.  This style of whip is also particularly well-suited for precision target work.  Standard handle length is 10" (can be custom ordered in other lengths), and standard butt knot is a 6/7 turkshead knot.  Length is measured from base of butt knot to the end of the braided thong (does not include the fall or popper).

Please choose from our standard colors: natural tan, saddle tan, whiskey, brandy, or black.  For unique colors or two-color whips or knots, please email or call us for a quote.

Click here for more examples of MidWestWhips Australian Style Bullwhips in our Photo Gallery.
Also view more beautiful custom Australian Style Bullwhips in our Custom Designs Photo Gallery.

Australian 6ft - A length that makes precision targeting a breeze.  Also an excellent length for the beginning whipcracker because the extra leverage from the longer handle really makes learning basic cracks and combos easier.  Many experienced whipcrackers who have owned various other lengths and styles across their career will settle upon this whip as their most versatile and useful bullwhip.  (Chris Camp "The Whip Guy" uses our Australian 6ft with custom colors and knots in his world-renowned whip shows).
Color -
Australian 7ft - The perfect length for those who enjoy the speed of a 6ft whip, with the elegance of an 8ft whip.  This style creates the balance of easy targeting along with beautiful body wraps.  Also an excellent choice for beginner and experienced whip handlers alike.  This length and style is commonly preferred by professional whipcrackers, such as Anthony DeLongis.  A short video of this whip in use by Paul Nolan can be seen here:

Color -
Australian 8ft - The perfect marriage between the grace of a long whip and the ease of handling of a medium length whip.  Without a doubt, this style creates the easiest handling 8ft whip we've ever tried, and we are proud to be able to make it for our customers to be able to enjoy too.  Also an excellent choice for beginner and experienced whip handlers alike.
Color -

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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