Paul Nolan
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5 x 4 Three
                                                        Pass Indy Butt
                                                        Knot5x4 Three
                                                        Pass Indy Knot5 x 4 Three-Pass Turkshead Knot
This is same butt knot style as we see on the David Morgan bullwhips used in the first three Indiana Jones movies.  This knot is availble on the butt knot or on the transition knot, although the original Indiana Jones bullwhips used this knot only for the butt knot, and a 5 x 4 two-pass knot for the transition knot (see below).
5 x
                                                      5 Two Pass
                                                      Turkshead Knot 5 x 4
                                                      Two-Pass Turkshead
                                                      Butt Knot5 x 4 Two-Pass Turkshead Knot
This is the same knot style used for the transition knot of the David Morgan Indiana Jones bullwhips.  This knot is available for a transition knot and for a regular or small sized butt knot.
7 x
                                                      6 Two Pass Butt
                                                      Knot 7 x 6 Two
                                                      Pass Butt Knot 2 7 x 6 Two-Pass Turkshead Knot
This knot is particularly well-suited for medium to large butt knots.  It was also used on the whips seen on-screen in the fourth Indiana Jones movie.  This knot is available for the butt knot and for the transition knot on full-size whips.
7 x
                                                      6 Pineapple
                                                      InterweaveSingle Tone
                                                      Interweave7 x 6 Turkshead Knot with Pineapple Interweave
This knot looks beautiful in one color or two, as pictured to the left.  This knot is available for the butt knot and for the transition knot.
                                                      Pattern KnotPink Box
                                                      PatternBox Pattern Knot
A variation on the interweave, this knot is Paul Nolan's signature whip knot.  It is available for the butt knot and for the transition knot.  Please specify if you want three small strands "in the box" (left picture, only available on butt knot) or a single strand "in the box" (right picture). 
Other knot variations may also be possible to cover shorter or more extended portions of the whip (for example a spanish ring knot, or an 11 x 6 turkshead).  As always, just ask, and we'll let you know if it's something we can do.

For questions or to order email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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