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Standard Kangaroo Hide Colors

Special Custom Colors
(email us for availability and additional cost quote)
                                                      Colors Kangaroo
The above special custom colors may or may not always be in stock - it is very expensive, rare and difficult these days to find tannery-dyed veg tanned kangaroo hide in so many colors of the rainbow.  We also occasionally have pink and grey.  Please email us for availability and for the additional cost estimate (usually between $20 and $35 dollars).  Also, if you do not see the color you are looking for on this page, we are able to hand dye hides to meet your color requirements.  As always, don't hesitate to contact us with any questions.

A Special note on colors: As you know, any colors not listed in the 'standard colors,' add an additional cost to your whip.  All two (or three) color whips also incur an additional fee because of the precision required to match hides for quality and potentially braid patterns or fancy ringwork into your whip.  Please email us with your color requirements, and we will let you know how much extra your multicolored whip will cost (you can usually expect between $20 and $50, depending on the pattern work).  Please note that there is NO EXTRA CHARGE for special colors or multiple colors if you are only looking for a bright or unsual accent color in your turkshead knots or wrist loop.  Just note this when you order, and we will be happy to add your choice of accent colors free of charge.

For questions or to order email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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