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                                                      Plait Stockwhip
Pictured above: Standard black half-plait 2ft stockwhip, 8 plait handle and 8 plait thong.

MidWestWhips' standard single color stock whips are perfect for either fans of the long Australian tradition of whipmaking or for whipcrackers who are into learning and working on more complex cracking routines.  The stockwhip's extra long handle provides extra leverage for those fast and fancy cracks, as well as making simpler cracks easier to perform with less effort.  The "hinge" of the keeper, unlike bullwhips, is made to flex easily and reliably at any angle, which is ideal for the whipcracker who enjoys doing volleys, coachman's cracks, and other cracks that would normally wear on even the most sturdily crafted bullwhip transition zones.

The half-plait stockwhip handle begins with a length of toheti cane, selected carefully for its beauty and durability, as well as how straight is has grown.  The handle has a 6x7 turkshead butt knot as standard, and kangaroo braiding about halfway up the length of the cane, leaving several inches of cane bare before the keeper.  The keeper is attached to the shaped tip of the cane with an attractive traditional braided thread binding.  Finally, the thong is braided separately and attached at the keeper.  Besides being so easily crackable, one of the main draws of a stockwhip is that if the thong ever wears out or is damaged, you can keep your handle and just have a new thong made for your whip, which is much less expensive than buying a whole new whip.  Old stockmen in Australia used to have beautifully intricate handles made with their family name braided into them, which they were able to pass down through several generations and just keep changing the thong whenever needed.  (Length is measured as the thong only, and does not include the handle or the fall & popper.  Standard butt knot is a 2pass 6x7 turkshead).

Please choose from our standard colors: natural tan, saddle tan, whiskey, brandy, or black.  If you are looking for a unique color or a two-tone whip, or a specific handle length, please email us for availability and a price quote.  We also make a limited number of other stockwhip lengths and plait counts each year, so if what you are looking for isn't listed below, feel free to visit our custom designs page or send us an email.

Click here for more examples of half plait stockwhips in our Photo Gallery.
Also view MidWestWhips custom high-plait stock whips here in the Custom Designs section of our Photo Gallery.

2ft Stockwhip Half Plait Handle - These little whips are fast!  Our first time cracking one of these short stockwhips, it took us a couple of tries to realize just how quickly we had to move to keep up with the lightening speed of the thong.  Volleys sound like firecrackers exploding!  Not the easiest stockwhips to get used to, but once you get the timing figured out, these whips can easily speed up and add excitement to even the most simple of cracking routines, and may quickly become a favorite in your collection.  This is also a great size for the whipcracker who needs to be able to perform indoors.
Plait #:
Standard Color Choice:

3ft Stockwhip Half Plait Handle - A speedy little whip and still good for indoors, though not nearly as fast as a 2ft stockwhip.  Also a good choice for indoor whipcracking, and a very easily manageable length to handle most any routine you want to try.  Chris Camp "The Whip Guy" uses a pair of 31/2 ft MidWestStockwhips in many of his routines, including one that he simulates a train leaving the station.  Every time we hear it, we are amazed with how realisitc it sounds! 
Plait #:
Standard Color Choice:

4ft Stockwhip Half Plait Handle - This length is a common favorite among seasoned performers and beginners alike.  The thong is short enough to be easy to control, but long enough that you can watch and feel the thong responding your wrist and handle movements.  An excellent beginners whip.  Actually, we recommend you get two - there's nothing better than a stockwhip, except for a pair of stockwhips! 
Plait #:
Standard Color Choice:

5ft Stockwhip Half Plait Handle - This is close to the length commonly used by many Australians in whipcracking competitions.  These whips require a decent amount of space to practice in, and the thongs are long enough to truly showcase the beauty of the traditional Australian stockwhip form.  We are also happy to recommend this length, as well as the 4ft length, to beginners and professionals alike.
Plait #:
Standard Color Choice:

For questions or to order please email whipmaker@midwestwhips.com
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